General Terms and Conditions

Terms of payment

Please consider that VAT must be included in the payment (20% for registrationand services and 10% for hotels). In case of modifications in VAT established by the French/Monaco Government, PubliCréations reserves the right to inform and readjust accordingly.

Credit card
The payment must be made by credit card. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard and American Express. Please enter the credit card details in the appropriate section onthe registration form or register online. Please be aware that payments by credit card are in security certificate mode.

Bank and handling fee
A flat bank and handling fee of € 17 (VAT included) will be chargeddirectly to the participants on each invoice issued. Participants arestrongly advised to make all their respective bookings at once (Scientific Symposium, Master Clinician Courses, Workshops, hotels, social programme).

Invoices in electronic format will be sent to each participant uponreceipt of the relevant payment. Printed invoices will only be sent ifspecifically requested.

Confirmation of registration

The confirmation letter along with the corresponding settled invoicewill not be sent until full payment has been received. The congressdocumentation and all necessary vouchers will be issued on-site, atthe congress venue in Monaco.

Name changes

Participants who wish to make name changes after 4 March 2016will be charged a fee of € 20 (VAT included) for each name change.

Cancellations | Refunds

Notification of cancellation must be sent in writing to PubliCréations. Cancellations will be accepted up to 25 March 2016, with a refundof the registration fee paid minus a 30% administration charge. Afterthat date, refunds of registration fees will only be made in exceptionalcircumstances and when requested in writing. Should the congressbe cancelled by the conference organiser, any amount paid by theparticipants will be refunded. This will be the sole and exclusiveright and compensation of the participant in this respect. In a caseof a Force Majeure obliging the organiser to cancel the event, andbeing impossible to postpone it, the Osteology Foundation shall notbe liable of any amount, compensation, penalty and/or damages ofany kind to the participant.

VAT (value added tax)

VAT must be added to the registration fees. A breakdown of the appropriate VAT, depending on the services requested, will be indicated on the invoice issued.

Participants can only recover the VAT (excluding VAT on hotel rates) if the relevant invoice is issued to a company, institution, or to a person having a VAT number etc.. Once the invoice has been paid, VAT can be reclaimed either though your local accredited Fiscal representative if you are a EU or Non EU country or electronically (EU member only) by  connecting to the portal of your home country Financial Authority. Here you will find a list of countries and redirected and connected to Monaco  (MC).  Instructions will follow on how to attach documents (invoices) and also the kind of services you are eligible to recover. For any further information please revert to 

Direction des Services Fiscaux de Monaco
57, Rue Grimaldi, MC–98000 Monaco, phone: +377 98 98 81 21

Programme changes

The organisers cannot assume any liability for any changes to the programme and reserve the right to change the programme without notice at any time.


In general, the congress organisers shall only be liable for thedelegates and their companions in cases of gross negligence orwilful misconduct in the performance of their obligations under thecongress event agreement. The congress organisers shall accept no responsibility or liability for events such as accident, theft or lossof property, etc. and the delegates and persons accompanying thesame shall be responsible for their own insurance.

Photography/Recorded material

The Osteology Foundation, its contractors and any attending mediarepresentatives may photograph and record video during the congress.Attendees acknowledge these activities and agree to allowany photography or recorded material to be used by the OsteologyFoundation in publications, on the Osteology Foundation website, andin marketing and promotional materials. Photographs are madeavailable to International Osteology Symposium attendees viavarious channels and may also be shared with the media. InternationalOsteology Symposium 2016 attendees waive all claims againstthe Osteology Foundation for any liability resulting from these uses.Only officially contracted International Osteology Symposium vendorsand working journalists with Osteology Foundations approvedpress credentials will be permitted to photograph, record videoand/or audio during sessions and/or the exhibit hall. Individuals whomake a recording using personal video/audio equipment or otherrecording devices (i.e. cell phones, digital or film cameras or taperecorders) without prior permission from the Osteology Foundationor without proper credentials will be asked to stop recording or usingthese devices immediately.

Group registrations

For further information and conditions, please contact PubliCréations at