Opening Speaker

Man’s future, the sea - Joe Bunni, France


Without a healthy ocean, we cannot survive. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 and dental surgeon Dr. Joe Bunni takes us on his adventures around the globe and into the oceans, along with polar bears and whales. Using breath-taking imagery and personal stories, he illustrates the impacts of pollution. Entertaining and emotionally inspiring, Bunni shows us how we can help protect the oceans, and that when it comes to securing our sustainable future, we all serve as critical links in the chain.


Dr Joe Bunni is a Paris-based dental surgeon, scuba diver and wildlife photographer. Living and working in Paris, his passion is underwater photography and he aims to spend several weeks a year diving with his camera. With one of his artworks he won the BBC Veolia prize for “Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011”. He has taken his passion further by founding "SOS OCEANS", an association committed to conservation of the seas.


Bunni’s first book “IMPRESSIONNIST OF THE OCEAN” was published by SOS Oceans in 2006. His second book “±5 METERS”, also published by SOS OCEANS, is based on the participation of 14 poets from 14 different countries in 14 languages with almost 700 exceptional photographs taken under extreme conditions. This was published under the patronage of the UNESCO and prefaced by his Royal Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco and was offered by French President Sarkozy to all the heads of states present at the G20 Leaders’ Summit in 2011.


Starting in November 2015, the French/German TV channel ARTE will broadcast a 90-minute film and a series of five 52 minutes documentaries about Joe Bunni’s expeditions & work. The French publishing house ‘Les Editions La Martinières’ is currently editing a book on his work.